Sunday, December 23, 2012


I GOT LUCKY. This december month has been different from the past ones to me. Attending the last year of the gymnasium (mix between high school and college) is a challenge to most students here in Denmark - especially in December since we all have to write a final assignment which has a big influence on our finale grade.

In between studying I took some time off to go shopping. I recently discovered that the danish brand Samsøe & Samsøe has opened an outlet store in the big shopping center Field's in Copenhagen. I visited a few times this december and I certainly don't regret it! The first piece that I bought from there was a winter jacket. I love how it is possible to wear a big sweater underneath it and still make it look stylish. I also found a pair of boots that I just couldn't leave behind. The height of the heel is perfect and I like to have the option of making them an over-knee boot or folding them down. The last item that I just have to show you is my new oversized clutch. It fits my 13" macbook perfectly and I can have everything with me that I need in this one. Thanks to my mom for this present.

Jacket // Samsøe Φ Samsøe
Blouse // ONLY
Skift // H&M
Tights // Wolford
Boots // Gardenia
Clutch // Vintage

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