Monday, December 31, 2012


Picture taken at a family event this christmas.
All too soon December will be gone. I will remember this month especially for all the new arrivals that made its way to my closet (and bathroom). In my last post (click here to see) I showed you a new pair of boots with a new coat that I bought in December. In this post I want to share some of the most interesting arrivals that I have received in December with you wether it was christmas gifts or something I've spoiled myself with.

This coat I got at my mothers second hand store. I love how it is true to the style. The color is dark blue (I don't know how well you can see - I need a better camera). I will definitely show you a post soon featuring this!
I bought this short dress at the same outlet-shop that I told you about in my previous post.
The color that turns darker at the bottom is what caught my attention. It is from the brand Envii.

I bought this skirt at H&M.
The print makes it stand out but the color makes sure it stays elegant.
This skirt is too from H&M. Normally I don't like sequins - I can't really tell why. But these square ones really make me reconsider. They make it look pixel-like which I think is funny.

This knitted sweater I bought at the outlet-store too and is from Samsøe Φ Samsøe.
I plan to wear it over a white shirt for school with a pair of high waisted black jeans.
This knitted sweater is from BikBok and was a christmas present.
I plan to wear this one just like the last sweater.
This big clutch that is also a cover for my MacBook I showed you in my previous post too. But I just had to show you again since I'm so fund of it. I got it at my mothers second hand store. It's from the brand LONGCHAMP.
My boyfriend gave me this as a christmas present.
I look forward to a lot of cosy time and fun experiences in Tivoli in 2013.
This was a present from my boyfriend too. I've used these products from REDKEN before and I (and everyone else) can really tell the difference in the color of my hair from when I'm not using these.

This was a christmas present from my parents. I've never tried the Clinique 3-step before but I had only heard good things about these products and therefore they were no. 1 on my wish list this year.
I could see improvement in my skin from the first day. 
This weekend I was with my boyfriend on a short but very memorable trip to Oslo with the DFDS ferries from Copenhagen and in the tax-free shop I could not resist these two products - both from CHANEL.
I had been looking for the perfect brown eyeshadow for some time and I finally found it.


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